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Presented by Ronan Mac Domhnaill, Founder of Cred.
"In this 45 minute live webinar you will learn the 5 key mistakes that technology freelancers and contractors make

​​​​​​​and the strategies to be

in-demand, over-subscribed and earning more money". 

The Dilemma

For most technology freelancers the time investment is not providing the returns they expect.

1. Unpredicatable cashflow
It is feast or famine. You spend your time worrying about where the next work is going to come from.
2. Not the lifestyle I imagined.
This contracting lifestyle was supposed to give me the lifestyle I dreamed of - work and the flexibility to do the things I want.
3. Not enough money
I'm stuck in a cycle of lowering rate to win work or not winning the work so that I can prove my worth and then increase my rate.
For motivated technology freelancers and contractors
The 45 minute webinar that will show you how to be 
​​​​​​​in-demand, over-subscribed and make more money.
Role of technology 
Understand that the role of technlogy is to solve a business problem or deliver a business outcome.
Your role is not to simply build technology.
Your value
Your value to an organisation or a person looking for a solution is the appropriate use of technology to solve a business problem or deliver a business outcome.
Your value is not your knowledge of technical stacks.
Focus on outcomes, not features
Demonstrate that you understand the business landscape that you are working in, its challenges and the outcomes your client is seeking.
Most technology professionals focus on features. Stand out from the crowd!
Make connections
People buy from people. We may have all the technical skills in the world, but if you can't make a connection with another person you are holding yourself back.
Move outside your comfort zone
The old saying is true, change only happens when you move outside your comfort zone.
You can stick with what you know, blame others who just don't "get you" or you can take responsibility for accelerating your own career.

Presented by

​​​​​​​Ronan Mac Domhnaill

Founder and CEO of Cred.

20 year technology career.

Professional Certified Neuroscience Coach 

Coached and trained over 3000 technology professionals.

Recognised by NSW Department of Innovation for work in behaviour change.

Raised over $150,000 for juvenile diabestes research.

"I love working with Ronan because I don't constantly have to explain technology context to him".

A few nice words from people who have worked with us

“I have improved my self-confidence and resilience in this challenging new role, and have acquired new tools and tactics.

Non-judgemental, open and supportive environment in which the coaching took place.  I never felt intimidated.

Having someone to bounce back ideas who was able to help me tune into my true feelings and thoughts in a very objective way was very helpful.”

- Damien

​​​​​​​“I have learnt a great deal in the process with a focus making better connections with my team.

Your approach was such that I never felt ‘coached’. It was more of a conversation that enabled me to focus on aspects of my leadership.”

- Kristy

Wednesday 27th March
1.00pm-1.45pm AEST
7.00pm-7.45pm - US Pacific Daylight time (Tuesday 26th)

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